Welcome to Dynabait

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Welcome to Dynabait. 

Welcome to a new approach to fishing bait… DYNABAIT ™

For over twenty years the Dynabait company has used freeze-dry methods to offer all natural top quality preserved bait for anglers worldwide. Overcoming issues with pricing, availability and freshness of baits Dyanbait is the #1 Choice when fresh or live bait is not available or when convenience is in demand.

Dynabait harvests and/or farm raises marine, freshwater and terrestrial animals/organisms and carefully processes using no additives or preservatives resulting in top quality baits. During processing all natural hormones and enzymes remain intact and it retains full flavor taste and scent.

Although the Dynabait flagship products are marine worms like blood worms and sand worms as well as tube worms, lug worms, earthworms, bibi worms. Dynabait also produces shrimps, mussels, squid, minnows, herring, octopus, bamboo worms, leeches, silkworms and many more. These baits are most commonly used as fishing baits are, but there are other uses such as pet food.

For it’s high quality, unique, convenient products Dynabait won the admiration of the 2012 EFTTEX judges in Paris at the Best New Product Awards, winning a commendation in the soft hook bait category.

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