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Clever fishing bait ?

Clever fishing bait Dynabait are insect, small fish or crustaceans from land or water commonly used for fishing. Thousands of years mankind has been hunting fish using natural bait. Terrestrial insect for freshwater fish and marine worms or shrimps for sea fishing.

And carefully processed. We are using the same sources as many restaurants or retail shops often selling the same products, however, in food market – for human consumption. Of course, the picture of a dining plate with fried Blood worms is not for faint-hearted food lover nevertheless the quality is there the same.

Sample of marine worms
Dynabait clever fishing bait

Freeze drying technology is known for many applications in the food industry. Famous and popular for the most gentle drying and leaving all nutrience, vitamins, taste and aroma untouched. The only element diminishing in the product is water.  

So what makes the product last for so long? The first thing to remember is it’s very low moisture content (about 5%). In extremely dry environment no bacteria would grow very happily. Secondly, all Dynabait products are Gamma treated after packing and therefore they are completely sterile and safe.

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Have you ever experienced the feeling? After all day fishing, finally you started pulling out fish from water again and again and suddenly you ran out of the bait? The closest fishing bait and tackle shop was miles away and your frustration was reached the height of Kilimanjaro? No fishing bait available near you? 

Well… this will not happen anymore.

You can keep Dynabait in the booth of your car or boat or in the side pocket of your tackle box. It will not leak, it will not melt, smell or get off. If you need it, just open the satchel and add water for a minute or so. Whether you are fishing of shore or from a boat for king George whiting, flathead fish or bream fish, this is your perfect backup bait. This is the opportunity to try some novelty in fishing. Marine worms are an excellent bait for a range of fish species, including striped bass, sand whiting, dusky flathead, pollock, flounder, fluke, halibut and sometimes mackerel.

We have occasionally customers asking:

“So when I rehydrate the worms will they revive ? Are they going to crawl again?
Well… we could easily answer “yes” and sell them a sea container or two of our products, but sadly no. And that’s the only drawback of Dynabait the clever bait…. But hey, dont despare ! We work on it !!

Dynabait- the clever fishing bait – Just add water! Try it!

It works!

Dynabait offers large variety. You can choose from freshwater baits .
Fresh Grasshoppers, Fish juvenile, Fresh Superworms, Fresh Meal worms,Fresh MudeyesFresh White grubs .
It really comes to fishing preferences and the fish you are going to target.
For saltwater fishing is this fishing bait range available : Blood worms, Dynabait worms collection, Lug worms, Mussels, Sand worms, Shrimps peeled, Squid baby, Squids, Tube worms,Fresh Blood worms,, Fresh Clams-Mussels, Fresh Prawns, Pilchards