Dynabait just add water !

are marine, fresh water and terrestrial products uniquely processed to create high quality long lasting fishing bait.
They can be used for fishing in salt and fresh water. Blood worms, Sand worms or Lug worms bait. The flagship of our production.

Fresh, raw naterial is carefully selected, cleaned and sorted first.

To make long lasting bait from the live fishing bait takes several days.During the drying process only water is gently removed from the frozen material nothing else.

Dynabait clever fishing bait

Then snap frozen and placed into a freeze drying machine.

Simply soak in water until rehydrated (time may vary) and move into a dry container but keep moist. When cast into water a disbursement of hormone and enzyme flavor will attract any fish within reasonable distance and generate excellent catch result.

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But the result is worth of the wait.

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